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Videohh produced a behind the scenes portion of a feature shot at Universal Studios. Recent A-camera and Lead Male role on a new Television Pilot, ZEROS for SYFY/NBC Universal.

Videohh Productions, offers more than 23 years of award-winning production expertise along with the dedication to learn your business and create the best message. Always on budget always on deadline --every time. You will be working with video professionals who take extreme pride in their well achieved work. Please see the "Demos" section for a look at some videohh recent projects. See, one of our recent Music Video roject below. We apologize for our broken site.  Contact us  by clicking on the VIDEOHH above.


Planning meetings determine the budget, scope, audience and objective of the video. Next we synthesize your company's materials and ideas and come up with several draft scripts. After a final shooting script is approved, shooting and graphics design begins. After all the principal shooting and interviews are complete, a final editing script is written and approved.