VideoHH Production

Rate Sheet 



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Audio Visual Technician Labor Rates



Hourly Labor Rates

4 Hour Minimum Applies 

Monday - Friday (8am - 5 pm) 25 Hr
Monday - Friday (5pm - 8 am) 35 Hr
Saturday & Sunday 35 Hr
Holidays-50 Hr
Technical/Engineering Labor Rates 35-75


Camera Pricing

Day Rates only


Click on the camera for specs.


Canon XL-2==$150 Day

Panasonic AGDVX-100B==$170 Day

Sony HVR-V1U==$310 Day



Pricing And Services



Photo Collage (less than 1 hour total length)


Project fee (2 VHS copies and 2 titles included)
Picture or slide
Customer supplied music
Video clips added to collage
Looping (1, 2, or 3 hours possible)
   (Projects over 1 hour play time enjoy a 15% discount on
above pricing)

$10.00/song track

Film Transfer   (1 VHS copy included. $50.00 minimum)


3 inch complete reel
5 inch complete reel
7 inch complete reel
Partial 5" or 7" reels


Miscellaneous Photo Collage and Film Transfer Items


Additional titles (1 free every 200 feet)
Custom edit session
Additional VHS copies (1 included)
First Basic DVD (less than 1 hour)
First Basic DVD (greater than 1 hour)
Custom DVD Chapter marks
Additional DVDs (up to 5 total)
Additional copies other consumer formats
   (mini DV, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, VHS-C)
Additional copies in professional formats  - quote case by case
   (Beta, DV Cam, etc.)

Over 5 total DVD call for current quantity price discounts.

$5.00/title page

Foreign Conversions (to/from NTSC, PAL, SECAM)


   Less than 1 hour total playing time
   Greater than 2 hour total playing time


Century Family Video


Basic Family Century Video (60 minutes)
Deluxe Family Century Video (100 minutes)


Video Biography


1 hour video biography (not including Travel)
2 hour video biography (not including Travel)




Video Services
Training Videos
Instructional or Educational Videos
Sales Videos, Wedding Videos,
Insurance Videos, Video Wills, Titling
and Editing.

Movie Transfer Services
Super 8, enhanced to VHS
8 mm, enhanced to VHS
16 mm, enhanced to VHS
---------- ----------

8mm does degrade!  Don't
wait till it is too late.

$0.10 per foot

Photo Transfer Services
Your colour and B&W photos to VHS
Negatives to Video
Slides to Video
Slides, Color and B&W Photos to CD
From Beta to VHS
From Video to DVD or Color Print
---------- ----------

Up to 4"x 6"  -  $0.20 ea.
Over 4"x 6"  -  $0.40 ea.
Slides/Neg.  -  $0.20 ea.
Transfer to CD - $0.40 ea.
Beta to VHS - $10.00
$25.00 per 2hr. Tape plus
$22.00 for the DVD or
$4.00 per print





8mm, Super 8, 16mm (sound or silent)


Per Foot


Slides * (135 or 126 only) 1 - 599




Slides * (135 or 126 only) 600 or more




remounting of slides if required




Prints (from 2x3 to 11x14)




$25.00 Minimum on all orders.




Format changes (movies / slides $5.00ea; prints $10.00 ea)




Polavision or Technicolor Cartridges -  Prices above plus an additional charge per cartridge to cover cost of removing film.


per cartridge


All 50 ft. Reels are spliced into 200 or 400 ft reels with blank areas removed.


Existing film splices that are bad will be replaced at .60 per splice.



Prints or slides will have a 5 second viewing time unless otherwise ordered.  Longer viewing times, add $10.00.


* Extreme cropping takes place at top and bottom of vertical slides





Music added at time of transfer


per Order


Music Added after transfer


per 2 hrs.


Music Available: Easy Listening / Light Classical / Contemporary Jazz




Titles (at time of transfer only, 20 characters per row, 6 rows max)
















VHS or Betamax (from VHS, Beta, 8mm, & Mini DV)




Mini DV, Hi 8, Digital 8 (up to 2 hours)




8mm (from VHS, Beta, 8mm, )




Beta Cam

  $55.00 per hour


Pricing is for standard speed (2 hour mode), LP and SLP  add $10.00 each additional hour.  All duplicates include Extra High Grade tape.













1/2 in. PAL or SECAM to NTSC VHS or reverse


up to 2 hrs. include tape




per hour, minimum hour, plus tape.

All pricing relates to transfer to VHS tape.




If other size is requested, add 15.00 for 3/4,  add 5.00 for 8mm,  add 10.00 for Hi-8














Damaged area removed then spliced back together




After repair, duplication recommended












Your video tapes are copied onto High Quality DVD for ease of viewing on your home systems or computer DVD player.  Give your video images archival permanence.  Convenient chapters are inserted every 5 minutes for you to quickly search your DVD.  Maximum transfer time onto DVD is two (2) hours.








Up to 1 hour of video transferred to DVD




2nd Hour








Duplicate DVD




First hour of duplication




2nd hour




Allow 3 - 4 Working Days












Prints From Video Tape - Freeze Frame

E-mail for Pricing & Details

Customer must contact us and make an appointment with technician






VideoHH Production Documentaries


We create Documentaries. That is we will produce a 15, 30 or 60 minute Documentary of a subject of your choosing. We will do the rest. (DV, VHS, DVD Beta, ect), Any format you want (can even do a CD-ROM/DVD, if you like). We can digitize your photos and include them in the work.  



Pre Production, Scripting, Post-production, Animation, Graphics, Narration, Actors, Set Design, Props. Some of the software used in post is, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Avid, Premiere, After Effects, Cinema 4D.


Payment Terms

15 minute Documentary/Short ($4,750)
30 minute Documentary ($8,000)
60 minute Documentary ($11,500)

1/2 payment expected upon starting the job; 1/2 payment expected upon completion of the work. Satisfaction guaranteed.  




Feel free to contact us, our prices can, and do change frequently.